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Mr Mercedes Season 3

How to Easily Watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3

How to Easily Watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3How to Easily Watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3


Debora: "Have you changed?"
Bill Hodges: "From the soles of my shoes to the crown of my head."

If these lines remind you of Mr. Mercedes series, you're right! Mr. Mercedes is an American crime series of 3 seasons that first premiered in 2017. The whole storyline is based on the Bill Hodges trilogy by Stephen Kings and has the same protagonist's name, Bill Hodges, a retired police detective. However, season 3 has more depth and mystery, showing a considerable shift in Bill Hodges's character. The series reputation has never been limited to the US; it has made a great audience worldwide too. In this blog, we'll show you how to watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3 from the comfort of your home.

Mr. Mercedes Season 3 storyline branched from the first two seasons episodes, which extensively focused on Bill Hodges feel of helplessness and depression because of an unsolved murder case, "Mr. Mercedes", who stole a Mercedes car and drove it through a line of job seekers, resulting in a bloodbath in a job fair.

Bill Hodges retired and appeared in the later scenes mentally and emotionally traumatized after two years of the incident because he could never find a clue that leads to the murderer's true identity. There was nothing to rush, though, since Mr.Mercedes emailed the despaired detective what called for an urgent need to open the investigations once again.

We also don't like it when spoilers kill the excitement; that's why we'll leave the rest for you to watch and enjoy. The bad news is that if you're not living in the US, you won't be able to watch the series, but we still have some good news to tell, which is after reading our blog, you'll know how to watch Mr. Mercedes series from anywhere.


Effortless Way to Watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3

The fact that only the audience in the US can watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3 is frustrating, which means that your geographical location is the only snag since Mr. Mercedes is available on Peacock TV only. If your geographical location doesn't allow access to Peacock TV, you won't be able to watch the series from your current location.

This problem came as no surprise though, considering that many streaming platforms impose some geo-restrictions on their content, and other locations don't allow access to certain streaming platforms. Having the right technology in hand should be enough to overcome the geo-restrictions problem.

To watch any online content with no constraints, we suggest using virtual private networks (VPN services) as the most effective way to unblock geo-restricted content.

Beware these points before making up your mind on a VPN service:

  • Choose a VPN service with a decent number of servers to find a server in any desired location.
  • Make sure that it provides what is needed to maintain top-notch privacy and secure internet connection.
  • It's recommended to choose a VPN service that's compatible with different platforms and devices.
  • If you plan to share it with other users, we recommend choosing a VPN that allows multiple simultaneous access.
  • Nothing is better than great service for a competitive price; check our list of the best VPN services to claim a discount today.
Our top recommended VPN services to unblock Peacock TV: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost


Let's find more about our list of the best-recommended VPN services to unblock Peacock TV and watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3 from your location.


The Best VPNs to Watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3

Does it puzzle you when having many options and little to know about each? Before making a long-commitment mistake, these VPN services are our recommendations for you to watch Mr. Mercedes Season 3, besides many other streaming services which have impressively large libraries of the latest movies and TV shows.

We also bear in mind to bring you VPN services that you can trust to keep your data safe and your internet connection secure. All of them provide a money-back guarantee too, which is a good chance to test the service and find out whether or not it's the right one for you.


1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has a remarkable history in the VPN field, with a well-distributed network of more than 3000 servers in over 94 countries. Besides offering all that is needed to protect its customers' privacy and data.

If you have concerns regarding your privacy, ExpressVPN is a VPN service that you can count on to keep your data safe and your internet connection protected from hackers, snoopers, and third parties. Let's take, for example, the kill switch feature, which saves the day when your device fails to connect to the VPN network, which leaves your device vulnerable to data breach attempts and cyberattacks.

Other security procedures include military-grade 256-bit encryption, which is used by militaries, governments, and companies with highly sensitive data. In addition, ExpressVPN has developed its own protocol that's also secure and can guarantee a blazingly fast internet connection.

Not many VPN services allow access to the most popular streaming services. However, ExpressVPN has always gone the extra mile unblocking the vast majority of the streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. and UK, Disney+ (all countries), Hulu, BBC iPlayer. Netflix, HBO, and ESPN+. Watching Mr. Mercedes won't be a problem either with ExpressVPN; it allows access to Peacock TV too.

ExpressVPN offers:

  • The 1-month subscription for $12.95
  • The 6-month subscription for $9.99/month
  • The 12-month subscription for $6.67/month + 3 free months

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee; therefore, you can test it for a few weeks without taking any risk.


Save 35% on your purchase!

More is waiting ahead; read ExpressVPN's full review.


2. NordVPN

Offering many features regarding security, streaming, gaming, torrenting, and more, NordVPN's name earned its place among the best VPN services out there. Even though it doesn't have a long history in the field, it offers an extensive network of 5537 servers in 59 countries.

NordVPN does all it takes to prevent any hacking attacks or data theft attempts, using a kill-switch, military-grade encryption, secure protocols, including its own NordLynx protocol, and a true no-log policy. To guarantee the best security ever, it also uses RAM-based servers, which wipe the data every time they reboot.

Let's not forget to tell you that NordVPN allows you to access Peacock TV along with many other streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, Hotstar, and Netflix.

NordVPN offers three subscriptions: Monthly for $11.95, 1-year for $4.92/month, and 2-year subscription for $3.71/month.

The great news is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans.

Save 68% with the latest deals!

Why not take a look at NordVPN's full review?


3. CyberGhost

Based on its ease of use, price, and features, CyberGhost proved to be among the best VPN services on the market with 6,100 servers in 90 countries, military-grade encryption, a kill-switch, true zero-logging policy, and secure protocols.

CyberGhost allows you to watch the following streaming services content:  Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, Hulu, Kodi, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Max. Watching Mr. Mercedes Season 3 won't be a problem with CyberGhost; since it also unblocks Peacock TV.

Let's take a look at CyberGhost's plans and prices:

  • 1-month: $12.99/month
  • 3-year: $2.25/month- billed 87.75 every three years. (Save 83%)
  • 12-month: $3.99/month- billed $47.88 every year

CyberGhost also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Save 83% on today's purchase!



Watching Mr. Mercedes shouldn't be a problem for those who live in the US, but if you live abroad, it's more likely to face geo-restrictions that prevent you from using Peacock TV. However, you can easily overcome solve this issue using the right VPN service.


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