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كيفية تفعيل Malwarebytes (مالوير بايتس) |

كيفية تفعيل Malwarebytes (مالوير بايتس) | Several.comكيفية تفعيل Malwarebytes (مالوير بايتس) |

Nowadays, almost all websites and applications can be signed up using a username and a password. With the security issue getting more problematic every day, finding a solution became necessary to manage all users' passwords and protect them against data breach attempts. For that purpose, many cybersecurity companies have dedicated efforts to develop a password manager to protect all user passwords. By now, many options are available on the market to choose from.

We've decided to help you find more about these products, and in this article, you'll have the chance to find your own password manager to protect your social life on the internet, sensitive information, and more.

Before we dig any deeper, let's find out what a password manager's job is and how to make sure that your password is strong and protected enough.

Want the short way? Skip to the most secure password managers.

What Is a Password Manager

We all want to protect our privacy, and a password manager sounds like a promising solution. Wait! Do we really know what a password manager is and what it exactly does to protect our passwords?

Well, people set tens or even hundreds of passwords, in case you're a web geek, and these passwords are most of the time pretty long or have a strong combination of numbers and characters, making it almost impossible to recall all of these passwords every time to sign in for a website or an application. This is where a password manager comes to the scene; it helps you save all passwords in one highly secured place that is usually protected by a master password.

The main concept of a password manager is similar to a bank vault, where you keep your highly confidential papers, but in a password manager case, it is a virtual vault. Besides keeping your passwords safe, it helps you to recall them when you need to sign in for a website or an application.

Let's talk a little about how a password manager works. In brief, when you visit a website or an application, all you need is to type your master password, and the password manager does the rest; it fills in the username and password for you.

A password manager can also generate a strong password when you create a new account. It even automatically fills in other information like a username and email address.

Most Secure Password Manager

In this section, we'll bring you the most secure password manager providers on the market. Our list has antivirus software providers offering a password manager; this will beef up the efficiency of your password manager and provides a more comprehensive security solution at almost the same price of getting a password manager separately that will only focus on your passwords regardless of the vast number of other cyber threats. Let's get started with our first suggestion.

1. Norton 360

With more than 50 million users and many years in the field, Norton 360 earned its place as one of the cybersecurity leaders in the world. Norton 360 had the best scores in third-party speed and performance tests and proved to have almost no impact on the device's performance.

In terms of compatibility, Norton 360 is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This means, whatever your operating system is, it can be protected.

Norton's password manager is available as both a browser extension or through the application's interface; it stores your login information, text notes, contact details, and payment card details for autofill; it also has a safety dashboard to assess and generate strong passwords, and automatic password change for over 60 sites like Facebook and Amazon.

When creating a new account, Norton's password manager offers to create a hard-to-crack password that consists of up to 64 characters.

It’s important to note that the “Auto change Password” feature is extraordinary. Barely any password manager offers it, so that’s a great benefit.

Along with a password manager, Norton offers other impressive features that are not available with all other antivirus providers, like parental control, a VPN, webcam protection, Norton school time, cloud backup, and very helpful customer support.

Let’s look into the details of Norton 360 antivirus plans:

Plans Norton 360 Standard Norton 360 Deluxe Norton 360 Premium
Compatibility Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
Number of Devices 1 5 10
PC Cloud Storage 10 GB 50 GB 75 GB
VPN For 1 device For 5 devices For 10 devices
Parental Control N/A Included Included
Free Online Support Included Included Included
Money-Back Guarantee 60 days 60 days 60 days

(1-year subscription)

$39.99 $54.99 $69.99


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Fancy more info? Read our full review on Norton 360 antivirus.


2. Bitdefender

Bitdefender has offered cybersecurity solutions for around 20 years. By now, Bitdefender has its products distributed in over 150 countries and millions of customers worldwide.

You can definitely trust Bitdefender to protect your device; it offers a firewall, USB rescue kit, safe online banking, parental control, a VPN, anti-theft feature, anti-tracker, webcam protection, and most important, is a password manager.

You can totally rely on Bitdefender's password manager to protect your passwords and credit card information. You can securely keep track of your passwords and browse the internet with a master password for your credentials. Bitdefender keeps all your passwords in the "Wallet", to create your own wallet with Bitdefender, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the "Settings" in the password manager.
  • In the "My Wallet" section, click on "Add Wallet".
  • Click on "Create New".
  • Type the wallet name, the master password, and a hint to remind you of your password.
  • Click "Continue" and choose from the options where you want to keep your passwords (Storing your information in the cloud is included).
  • Click "Finish".

Because we believe that your personal information safety deserves Bitdefender's high proficiency internet security system, we made sure to let you know all about it.

Plans Antivirus Total Security Internet Security
1 device $19.99/ year
$45.49/ 2 years
$58.49/ 3 years
N/a $24.99/ year
$58.49/ 2 years
$84.49/ 3 years
3 devices $29.99/ year
$58.49/ 2 years
$77.99/ 3 years
N/a $34.99/ year
$77.99/ 2 years
$97.49/ 3 years
5 devices $69.99/ year
$109.99/ 2 years
$149.99/ 3 years
$39.98/ year
$97.49/ 2 years
$129.99/ 3 years
$84.99/ year
$129/ 2 years
$169.99/ 3 years
10 devices $79.99/ year
$129.99/ 2 years
$179.99/ 3 years
$44.99/ year
$110.49/ 2 years
$149.49/ 3 years
$89.99/ year
$149.99/ 2 years
$199.99/ 3 years

You deserve it, and it's time to get it, only for $36 for the first year, and launch it on six different devices all at the same time. Never better, right?

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3. McAfee

McAfee is an American computer company with around 10 years in the field, a free antivirus version, and many other premium antivirus solutions packed with awesome features.

McAfee was tested by third parties to judge its performance and speed, and for many users, we say McAfee scored (AAA) in SE Lab tests, which means a total accuracy rating of 100%.

It offers a firewall, USB rescue kit, along with:

  • Safe Browsing 
  • Encrypted Storage (256-bit encryption)
  • Home Network Security (firewall)
  • PC Performance Optimization tool
  • Password Manager
  • Multi-device compatibility

McAfee has three plans. The difference between the three plans is the number of devices you can install it on:

  • Single: 1 device/ $34.99 per year (2-year commitment)
  • Individual/Couples: 5 Devices/ $39.99 per year (2-year commitment)
  • Family: 10 devices/ $44.99 per year (2-year commitment)
  • Ultimate: Unlimited Devices/ $109.99 per year (2-year commitment)


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Almost all websites and applications require signing up and creating a new account. Having many passwords overwhelms internet users and makes it hard to recall each password you've ever created. a password manager is where you can keep all of your passwords and protect them with a master password. It is very efficient for your information privacy and security and is also very helpful to create a strong and un-crackable password.

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