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Best Liquor Store POS Systems

Best Liquor Store POS SystemsBest Liquor Store POS Systems

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Owning a liquor store means having a huge variety of liquor brands at your fingertips, sorting them in the right way, and keeping count can be quite difficult without a comprehensive point-of-sale system.

A solid point-of-sale system will help you in tracking your inventory as you sell, and remind you to reorder, so you never run out of stock. Your point-of-sale system should also work as your employee's time clock, where you can create subaccounts for them and assign separate permission levels and access to part of the POS system.

Moreover, a liquor store point-of-sale system should include an age verification tool, which makes sure your customers are of legal age, so you do not end up selling liquor to minors and get in trouble with the authorities.

Another notable feature that would boost your liquor store is online ordering and checkout. Point-of-sale systems with delivery integrations will help you deliver your customer's orders swiftly as they place their orders online. In addition, further customer satisfaction relies on loyalty programs and gift cards, whereupon repeated purchases, your customers earn points that they can redeem with extra purchases or special discounts.

We have researched the best liquor store POS systems and laid them out for you, so you can do your own research on which liquor store POS system suits you most.

Best Liquor Store POS Systems


Korona dubs itself as the most trusted point-of-sale system for liquor stores, and its features certainly prove its reputation. Korona offers subtle month-to-month prices to all its services, starting at $49 per month for the Korona Core plan and up to $79 per month for the Korona Plus plan, which includes a ton of extra features that will help you boost your liquor store's revenue and operations.

Korona packs various great features that earn it the top spot for the best liquor POS systems. Such features include intuitive inventory management that updates your inventory levels in real-time as you sell. It also allows you to create purchase orders right from its dashboard. Moreover, you can perform a physical inventory count with its integrated scan-to-count smartphone app.

With Korona POS, you can easily verify your customer's age by either entering their birth date before processing a transaction or by attaching ID scanners to your POS and swiping their IDs. In addition, product vendors add the age verification check, so you do not need to manually add age requirements to each product.

A great liquor store POS feature offered by Korona POS is the ability to mix and match products for deals and special promotions as product trends come and go. Last but not least, keep your customers satisfied with bLoyal and BottlecApp integrations, which offer loyalty features, a customer-facing app, in addition to an integrated ecommerce site or local delivery.

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2. POS Nation

POS Nation is our second pick for best liquor store POS systems. POS Nation is a locally installed point-of-sale system that can process transactions without the need for internet, and a cloud backup is always available, which keeps your data safe and stored.

POS Nation packs several comprehensive features specifically tailored for liquor stores such as age verification, mix and matching, vendor management, inventory management that comes with an unlimited database, and, finally, thorough reporting tools that will help you identify product trends and increase your profitability.

You can verify your customer's age with a simple scan of their IDs or driver's license, so you can take out the guesswork of age verification. In addition, vendor management will allow you to set you to reorder thresholds, and email reorders from one place, so you never run out of stock for a certain product.

Moreover, you can easily count your stock with POS Nation's handheld inventory device, and the system will automatically update itself when a purchase is made or when a case or a bottle is broken.

Lastly, you can offer your customers cash discount options if they pay with cash, in addition to special deals and promotions with product bundles.

POS Nation's pricing starts at $99 per month for the Flex Monthly plan, and it includes a lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support and training, the POS software, and basic hardware. The Freedom plan is a one-time $999 payment; it packs a two-year warranty, hardware ownership, basic POS hardware, POS software, and no long-term contracts.

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3. Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS is the point-of-sale system that will help you raise the bar, literally and metaphorically. Lightspeed POS is our third best liquor store POS system you could use to run your wine and liquor store; it packs solid features that stand out with its slick and low-profile hardware.

Such features include ecommerce tools where you can add an ecommerce website to your liquor store that customers can place orders on. It also integrates with Bluecheck and Advision Age Verification for age verification support for your online site.

It also has a multistep age verification where the POS system prompts your cashier to scan your customer's IDs and then check if the information matches the front of the ID card. This helps liquor stores in college towns or areas with high incidences of fake IDs.

Besides inventory and employee management, Lightspeed also provides you with tons of third-party integrations that enable you to sell online and make local deliveries. More integrations also include text message or email marketing services where you can send your customers customized emails and messages to promote products or offer special discounts.

Lightspeed POS pricing starts at $79 per month with its Lean plan that packs basic POS features. The advanced plan offers a fully-featured POS system starting at $239 per month.

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