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Demo For POS
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How to Get a Demo for POS Systems?

How to Get a Demo for POS Systems?How to Get a Demo for POS Systems?

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If you have any kind of business, a solid point-of-sale system will surely make it more worthwhile with its numerable features and services that work together to help you expand your customer reach, satisfy your customers, and streamline your business operations. POS systems, however, can be very pricey, and choosing the right one for your business is a critical choice.

The good news is that some of the greatest point-of-sale systems offer their customers free trials for a number of days, either 14 or 30, or demo versions of their point-of-sale systems that come with minimal features, so you can try them out before making a committed subscription.

Why Should Get a Demo for POS Systems?

There are several reasons why getting a demo for a POS should be your first step. First and foremost, demos are always free of charge, where you will not be asked for credit card information. Moreover, demos sometimes also include free consultation where the POS experts discuss your business's needs and the best payment plans that you could subscribe for.

On the other hand, demos sometimes include video guides and tutorials showcasing all the point-of-sale system's features and corners. A demo could effectively help you train your employees on how to use the system without having to pay extra fees for training by the POS team.

Lastly, at the end of most POS demos, the chosen point-of-sale experts will follow you up sometimes with a customized quote that goes beyond their advertised plans and fits your business's needs perfectly. Continue reading to know how to get a demo for POS.

Which POS Systems Offer A Demo?

1. Toast POS

Toast POS offers an inclusive demo, where you get a guided walkthrough of its POS. A Toast specialist will contact you within 24 hours after requesting your demo to get you started, and in the end, will follow you up with a customized quote that fits your business's needs. Read our Toast POS full review to know all about its features, prices, and hardware.

2. TouchBistro POS

You can get a free demo from TouchBistro that includes a detailed walkthrough video of its POS and features. Read our full TouchBistro review to know everything it has to offer.

3. Korona POS

Korona POS offers a free trial that comes with 24/7 customer support, no extra or hidden fees, no contracts, and no contracts. All you will need to do is provide Korona POS with some information about you and your business, and they will get you started with their free trial as soon as possible. Read our full Korona POS review to know everything Korona POS has to offer.

4. Revel POS

Revel POS is suitable for retail, restaurants, and quick-service, and they offer a free demo to whichever POS system your business needs. Read our full Revel POS review to know more.

5. Vend POS

Vend POS offers a 14-day free trial where you get to try Vend's fully featured point-of-sale system without any costs or commitment. Read our full Vend POS review to know everything it has offer.

How To Get a Demo for POS Systems?

In most cases, requesting a demo for a POS is fairly simple; all you will need to do is fill a short form informing the POS vendor about your business with some of your personal information. All the point-of-sale vendors mentioned above, and many others that offer a free trial or a demo version, have "Get Free Demo', "Request a Demo," or "Start Your Free Trial" buttons on the top right corner of their website's homepages or at their center.

Find an example of the buttons below:



Find an example of the demo form below:


Now you will be familiar with how to get a demo for POS systems, so make sure to do so if your chosen POS vendor offers a demo or a free trial. Keep in mind that no demos or free trials should require any credit card information. Check out our full list of the top reviewed POS vendors, so we can help you make a smart decision for your business's sake.

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